Philips Hue, The Verdict

Philips Hue, The Verdict

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A lot of us now have intelligent houses. Or at a minimum smarter houses. Whether this means we’ve obtained an Amazon Echo smart speaker in our family room or a connected security system at the front door. Although Amazon is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to smart home tech, there’s another brand that immediately comes to mind for us: Philips Hue. The brand has laser-centered on intelligent lighting alone. The outcome? It’s created just about the most complete clever lighting system out there, and it’s one that easily beats most of the smart home competitors in terms of its robustness as well as completeness.


Not Perfect

The Philips Hue system isn’t perfect. You require a ‘bridge’ for it to operate, which makes it more expensive than some of the competition. But new products and features are increasingly being added consistently to the range, and the app is really user-friendly so we can forgive the high price tag. Keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown of what’s on offer below.

The various Philips Shade light bulbs

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Philips Shade has a number of different lighting options for your residence. So, prior to plunging into our full Philips Color overview, we thought it advisable to breakdown the Philips Hue loved ones so you can see exactly what’s being offered. While not an entire listing, we focused to offer you information about the various Philip Color merchandise lines, rather than personal products (there are loads of them). The Philips Shade collection for LED lights appear in many different shapes and sizes for almost any home illumination need. Right here, we’ll explain the true secret kinds of Philips Color light bulbs, what sizes are available in each kind, and what light fixtures they’ll easily fit into. Also included are non-light bulbs, like switches and lamps.


Philips Hue White

This is Philips’ most basic Hue LED light bulb type. Each of the Hue White bulbs shine with a warm white light. The color temperature of such light bulbs is just not changeable. However, they do still connect to the Hue Bridge for full wi-fi control, along with their simplicity helps keep the price down. And of course you can turn them on or off with voice control with Google’s  Smart Home Assistant. Philips offers standard size A19 E26 Hue White bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K. In addition, it offers outdoor-ready PAR38 bulbs that can serve as flood lights. The PAR38 bulbs can screw into an E26 light fixture, and have a 3000K color temperature.

Philips Hue White Ambiance


The Philips Hue White Ambiance light bulbs help to make things a little more exciting, as all of these bulbs offer an array of color temperatures, starting from a comfortable 2200K completely up to 6500K, akin to daylight. These bulbs can help set a mood, regardless of whether you’re trying to wind down with warm lights, or perhaps awaken with cool white light. Philips offers the Hue White Ambiance for the E26 and the smaller E12 light socket types, and also the GU10 lamp sockets. The bulbs themselves also come in a wide variety, from smaller sized lamp bulbs to standard size bulbs and up to BR30 interior flood lights to help you brighten up big rooms. In the united kingdom, the bulbs are available in standard E27 (screw) and B22 (bayonet) types.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

The celebration really begins with the Philips Hue White-colored and Color Environment bulbs. All of these Philips Shade light bulbs can stand out using a broad range from cozy white colored to your great daylight white, plus they are configurable with 16 million various colors. In other words, for those who have a very particular lighting scheme in mind, these bulbs are the ones that can support it. Of course, with the greater functionality comes a higher price tag. Philips offers the Hue and White Color Balance bulbs in the A19, PAR16, and BR30 sizes for E26 fittings; B39 for the E12 fitting; and as a GU10 model. It’s available too in E27 (screw) and B22 (bayonet) in the UK.

The Verdict

verdict photoThe Philips Hue lighting array has evolved right into a formidable presence in the smart home scene. All of these models mean that it’s possible to completely overhaul your entire lighting system to really make it internet connected. The single biggest issue, however, is cost. Individual bulbs are usually costly, and that’s before you start factoring in the switches. Nevertheless, if you’re prepared to fully invest, you can find few other smart home gadgets that really feel as convenient as Philips Hue’s light bulbs, lamps and switches.

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