A Guide To High-Tech Beauty Tools

A Beginners Guide To HighTech Beauty Tools

Technology conquers the beauty-world in a vast way. Learn about the most recent beauty-gizmo that actually works.

high-tech photoIn the last few years, we’ve seen an influx of at-home tech products in the beauty industry. Most of these innovations were once only available to skilled aestheticians and dermatologists however more and more high-tech beauty equipment are now – 2020 -offered to everyday beauty customers. With plenty of brand-new and fascinating skin-care tools on the market, we understand it may be hard to choose which device is worth purchasing. Therefor…Welcome to A Guide To High-Tech Beauty Tools.

LED Face Masks

Aduro mask advised by expertsI initially read about LED face masks back in 2014 when Vogue magazine published an article about New York celebrity Georgia Louise and her affinity for the Aduro LED Mask & Deesse light apparatus that looked straight from the horror film, Jason . At the time the mask was only available for skin care experts and was in fact extremely costly but once on my radar I really was fascinated and stayed fascinated.

In 2015 I started to see Shani Darden, the Los Angeles facialist having a Hollywood client list and her waitinglist is months long. Shani was also a tremendous fan of the Aduro Mask & Dessee mask and used it regularly. By this time the mask was in fact readily available for consumers to buy at a slightly lower cost compared to the 12 months before but honestly it was still very much an investment. I fell in love although, and later finished up purchasing one and have been using it ever since. Even when I go on holiday I take it with me. I’m hypnotized with it.

How Frequently Is It Advisable To Use a LED Light Mask?

Most estheticians will advise you to use it not more than 3 times per week and for only 20 minutes each session. If you wish, you may use a product in conjunction to utilizing the mask – the mask is considered to help the product penetrate the skin much better, nevertheless it’s better to use something which isn’t too heavy so that you will not clog your pores. I enjoy using a light nourishing serum. 

Aduro LED Mask – Cost Per Use

This mask is the one that I actually have and love. With a price of $319 it can be most definitely an investment to many of us, however when it comes to things like this, I like to look at the cost per use. If I used it every week all year round, then it costs me $6 a week. That’s less than $2 per session. It’s a lot cheaper than visiting a high-end facialist. This version is the LED Light  7+1 mask that you’ve seen on celebs all over the internet. I’ve had this mask for four years now and had no issues with it at all. I really like that it has all three modes—anti-ageing, purifying and healing mode. The light emitted is really professional strength and exactly what you get when visiting a popular esthetician.

2 dollar photo

It’s a go to buy.

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